Lidia loves coffee
Dreaming of THE bathroom

I’m designing my ultimate bathroom. It has to has stones walls with stones floor. Then I want a his and hers areas. Finally I want lots of natural light.

Seson 9 of idol

LOOVEEE Crystal Bowersox I love her style!


Crystaaaaal Bowersoooox

Crystal Bowersox GO GO GO She is a real talent



Don’t know what to make for lunch I have some mozza and other cheese left in the fridge and some bread and avocado leftover in the fridge… Maybe that can make some good grill cheese?

Artificial life in labs

I read this online this morning

From MSNBC.MSN.COM Researchers creating life from scratch

In Israel, scientists have created the world’s smallest computer by engineering DNA to carry out mathematical functions. J. Craig Venter, the entrepreneurial scientist who mapped the human genome, announced last month that he intends to string together genes to create from scratch novel organisms that can produce alternative fuels such as hydrogen and ethanol. With a $42.6 million grant that originated at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Berkeley researchers are creating a new malaria drug by removing genetic material of the E. coli bacterium and replacing it with genes from wormwood and yeast. “We’re building parts that can be assembled into devices and devices that can be turned into systems,” said Jay Keasling, head of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s Berkeley synthetic biology department, which was created last year. Keasling, who doubles as a chemical engineering professor at the University of California, Berkeley, hopes to create never-before-seen living molecules by fusing genes from the three species — a new breed of bacteria capable of spitting out malaria-fighting artemisinin, a chemical now found only in small traces in the wormwood plant. Artemisinin has been extracted from finely ground sweet wormwood for more than 2,000 years as a treatment for a variety of ailments, but the method is expensive, time consuming and limited by access to wormwood, which is found mainly in China and Vietnam. Keasling has a similar project in the works to synthetically create a compound now found in Samoan trees, one that shows promise in fighting AIDS. Such efforts are attracting more than grant money.

I wonder what’s coming next…


Hmmmm… I don’t know what to have for lunch? I have some cheddar and some hamburger buns in the fridge… Yay grill cheese time!

Scientists create life

I saw this in the paper this morning

From The Guardian : Craig Venter creates synthetic life form

Craig Venter and his team have built the genome of a bacterium from scratch and incorporated it into a cell to make what they call the world’s first synthetic life form
Scientists have created the world’s first synthetic life form in a landmark experiment that paves the way for designer organisms that are built rather than evolved.

The controversial feat, which has occupied 20 scientists for more than 10 years at an estimated cost of $40m, was described by one researcher as “a defining moment in biology”.

Craig Venter, the pioneering US geneticist behind the experiment, said the achievement heralds the dawn of a new era in which new life is made to benefit humanity, starting with bacteria that churn out biofuels, soak up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and even manufacture vaccines.

Wow… I wonder what the next step is!


Damn… I think that  Chucky has canine allergies! Chucky is litterally biting his skin off… I feel so sad for Chucky! I researched the internet a little bit and found that he has all the symptoms described in thiscanine allergies post … Not sure if I should call the vet??? Chucky cannot stand the vet…

Watching Star Trek…

I love watching Star Trek Deep Space Line… I’m such a nerd lol! Just I can’t help it… I’m addicted to that tv show!

News of the day

By The Independant

Obama keeps pressure on BP to accept responsibility

By David Usborne, US Editor

Monday, 17 May 2010
President Obama is determined to show aggressive action

President Obama is determined to show aggressive action

Still afraid that the Gulf slick could foul not just beaches but the standing of President Barack Obama as well, the White House barked loudly at BP again this weekend releasing a letter demanding “immediate public clarification” of the company’s readiness to pay all clean-up and compensation costs.

Signed by the US Secretaries of Homeland Security and Interior, Janet Napolitano and Ken Salazar, the letter is an effort to ensure that BP makes no attempt to protect itself using the $75m (£51.5m) liability cap that was set for oil companies in the event of disaster in the wake of the Exxon Valdez spill.

Mr Obama has branded as a “ridiculous spectacle” efforts by the companies involved to blame each other for the accident. Yesterday, a top aide reiterated the point. “We will continue to hold BP’s feet to the fire,” he said. “As the president said yesterday, he is committed to ensuring the responsible parties compensate those affected.”
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The agitation evident at the White House comes as efforts by Democrats on Capitol Hill to pass legislation to raise the liability cap to as much as $10bn are meeting resistance from Republicans, who argue that to do so would make it too risky for anyone but the biggest energy companies to drill in the Gulf.

“Unfortunately, Republicans blocked that measure on the floor opting to stand up for oil companies and leave taxpayers on the hook to bail them out,” said Jim Manley, spokesman for the Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid.

On the defensive yesterday, Republicans said an increase in the liability cap may be moot because they believe BP when it says it will pay for everything. “The BP people repeatedly stated at the hearing and have told me personally, they are going to be responsible for all legitimate claims that are made against them. So I think we need to watch that closely,” Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama said.

But it is precisely to pin down BP to those spoken commitments that the White House sent the letter to BP on Saturday and then released its contents to the American media.

“We understand that BP will not in any way seek to rely on the potential $75m statutory cap to refuse to provide compensation to any individuals or others harmed by the oil spill, even if more than $75m is required to provide full compensation… and BP will not seek reimbursement from American taxpayers,” the letter aid. The secretary signatories added that “in the event that our understanding is inaccurate, we request public clarification of BP’s true intentions”.

With hearings set to continue on Capitol Hill this week, fresh heat will be directed at the government and particularly at Mr Salazar – the Interior Secretary – who will testify tomorrow. There have been a string of revelations pointing to the lax imposition of environmental regulations on BP and other oil companies.

Last week, Mr Salazar proposed splitting the Mineral Management Services agency, a part of his department, which until now has collected royalties for wells from oil companies and imposed controls on them, an arrangement filled with conflicts of interest.